Svein Friis

Emeritus Professor, Professor of psychiatry at the University of Oslo for 25 years and past Chairman of the Institute of Psychiatry

Svein Friis was born in Oslo Norway 24. March 1945. He is widowed, has two daughters and two grandchildren.

M.D University of Oslo 1969, Doctor of Medical Science at the University of Oslo 1984

Specialist in psychiatry 1976 and supervisor of psychotherapy (Norwegian Medical Association)1991. Psychoanalyst (Norwegian Psychoanalytic Association)1994.

Associate professor, University of Bergen for 4 years. Founder of the Department of Research and Education, and Director of Research, Division of Psychiatry, Ullevål University Hospital, and its leader the first 19 years.

Professor of psychiatry at the University of Oslo for 25 years, six of which he was

Chairman of the Institute of Psychiatry.

Evaluator for the Norwegian Research Council, EU’s Biomed Programme and Finnish Academy of Science, and Chairman of the Norwegian Research Councils reference group for an 8-years Evaluation of the Norwegian Government’s national plan for improving mental health services.

He was for 6 years member of the Advisory Board and for 12 more years Associate Editor of Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, for 10 years member of the International Advisory Board, British Journal of Psychiatry, and is since 2014 Associate Editor of Schizophrenia Bulletin

He started evaluation of ward milieus in 1972, and has been involved in in a broad range of clinical research projects, primarily concerning treatment of personality disorders and psychosis. His main investment the latest 20 years has been in the TIPS-study, an international Multi-center study of early intervention in psychosis., From 2003 through 2015 he was co-PI with Thomas McGlashan.

He is author/coauthor of more than 250 papers, about 200 of which have been printed in international journals, and has been the supervisor of 37 academic dissertations

He has received the Honorary Prize of the Schizophrenia Days. Stavanger, Norway, is Knight of the Royal Norwegian St. Olav’s Order and member of the Honorary Advisory Board, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.