Plenary focusing on Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for Psychosis: Making real change happen

Alison Brabban

Despite a growing evidence base for the effectiveness of psychological therapies for people suffering with psychosis, access to these interventions has been scant.  

A plenary session at the ISPS conference will focus on the details of a national, England-wide strategy to ensure everyone presenting with a first episode of psychosis can access high quality CBT and Family Interventions and MAKE REAL CHANGE HAPPEN.

The speaker is:

Alison Brabban

She will focus on:

  • Putting psychological therapies on a par with medication.
  • Offering genuine choice.  A step-by-step guide to the strategy to improve the availability of psychological therapies for people suffering with psychosis across England.

Alison Brabban

  • Is a clinical psychologist with a special interest in CBT for psychosis.
  • She works as an Expert Advisor to the Adult Mental Health Progamme at NHS England.
  • She works clinically in an Early Intervention in Psychosis service in the North of England.

Has a keen interest in implementing both evidence and values based care.