It’s the little things that are not so little: the art of creating a deep and lasting change.

Rai Waddingham

In a world where psychological and social approaches to those experiences labelled as psychosis often remain on the fringes, a tasty accompaniment to the main course of medication, the cry for change is palpable. We demand informed choice, options beyond medication, safe spaces, psychotherapies beyond time limited CBT. Some of us demand human rights, an end to coercion and the right to define our own experiences in our own way. There is so much to change and so much to fight for. Yet, this outward focus can have the unintentional effect of distracting us from those little things that are not so little.

In this talk, drawing on my personal and professional experiences, I will explore some of the little-things-that-are-not-so-little that can create a culture of change in our own lives. I will explore the role of language and how it can be used to oppress, obscure, validate and liberate. Using aspects of my own story, I will argue for the importance of becoming curious about those words, expressions and experiences that we think we understand - whether we’re practitioners, friends, family members or people with experience of ‘psychosis’. I will explore the need to unpick our assumptions - individually and as collectives - in order to create spaces that facilitate healing. Most of all, I will encourage us all to continually seek change from within whilst simultaneously doing our best to effect change in our communities, professions and the wider world of which we are part.